HELP! type 44 5k/100/200 wierdness

cobram at cobram at
Tue Aug 13 13:36:59 EDT 2002

A check of, or replacement of (real easy to change) the "field" wire
which goes from the alternator to the back of the instrument cluster.
Change the voltage regulator too,  couldn't hurt and they're cheap
enough.   The field wire goes intermittent and battery doesn't charge,
run a higher gauge wire than the (blue?) one Audi used and you shouldn't
have problems again.


JordanVw at writes:

> last night (hot here in PA), i pulled into a gas station with my '86
> 5kT - euro lights on, a/c on, fan running hurricane speed. shut the car

> few mins later, got in the car, started it up - and it cranked over
> slowly..but started up..  dash lights were dim,  VOLT warning light
> came in in the autocheck display, and car started running rough, and
> belching out smoke out of the exhaust like crazy..  the climate control

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