rear tie rods and front struts

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I don't know about the rear, as I have a 5kT, but for the front, you can get away
w/ normal shadetree tools. That's one of the reason's why I think the Haynes as
well Bentley manuals are important to have around. The Bentley tells you how
Audi wants you to do it, and the Haynes gives you how an actual mechanic might
go at it. Anyway, for the front, you just need to be able to loosen the driveshaft
nuts, using a 32mm socket and breaker bar. Then you need to remove the tie-rod
from the strut assembly. Also you need to separate the lower control arm ball-joint
from the assembly. After that you just remove the 3 outer nuts around the strut
mounting and the whole assembly willl come out after pressing out the driveshaft
from the hub. Beyond that, when disassembling the unit, you need a spring-
compressor. Also you'll need to press out the old wheel bearing race and press in
a new bearing onto the hub and then into the strut assembly. Unless you have a
press, a good shop can do that for very cheap. You should read up on the
procedure again to get the order and details. Good luck.


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>Subject: rear tie rods and front struts
>  Car in question is 5ktq:  What is involved in rear tie rod
>replacement?  Any special tools required?  I don't see this
>proceedure in the bentley.
>  Also, I'm in need of front struts for the same car.  The bentley
>requires a bunch of special tools.  Are there DIY alternatives, or
>should I have a shop do this one?  They come out through the top,
>looks do I do this?  Anything else I should replace at the
>same time?
>  TIA,
>  Pat
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