5000 strut replacement tools

Suffolk GameServer LAN suffolk.associates at verizon.net
Tue Aug 13 15:19:06 EDT 2002

I'm in BOSTON and have most of the strut tools to remove the 5000/100/200
OEM Boges? quickly.
If you go with Bilsteins some of the parts don't get re-used.
There are some photos (not well organized at this link).


Maybe it will help.  If not be advised that these two tools allow the
undoing of the strut top nut without spinning.  A fast air impact wrench can
beat this problem -sometimes-
Then the long steel tool goes down to undo the hex socketed top threaded
collar on the strut assembly.  It keeps the cartredge from coming out.  very
easy removal (for a rusty part) by using a large socket wrench and/or
breaker bar.
OEM replacement is reverse of removal.
Bentley covers no other application.
Strut bearing is also a good idea to replace but that involves work on the
-Scott in BOSTON
Also, I'm in need of front struts for the same car.  The bentley
requires a bunch of special tools.  Are there DIY alternatives, or
should I have a shop do this one?  They come out through the top,

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