HELP! type 44 5k/100/200 wierdness

sneekerz at sneekerz at
Tue Aug 13 20:20:20 EDT 2002

This field wire is what drove me nuts for longer than I
care to admit on my '86 5ktqa. I never had the smoke or
totally dead battery, but many a flakey thing would
happen. The large cable splice had a fraction of an ohm,
so I ruled that one out, but the field wire was
basically held on by corrosion. Cleaned it up, works

I've since moved on to chasing other flakey issues on
that car...

couple q's
kent, wa

> Subject: Re: HELP! type 44 5k/100/200  wierdness
> From: cobram at
> A check of, or replacement of (real easy to change) the "field" wire
> which goes from the alternator to the back of the instrument cluster.
> Change the voltage regulator too,  couldn't hurt and they're cheap
> enough.   The field wire goes intermittent and battery doesn't charge,
> run a higher gauge wire than the (blue?) one Audi used and you shouldn't
> have problems again.

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