Front turn signal trouble...

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Tue Aug 13 16:54:34 EDT 2002

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 The existing bulb is an 1157 dual filament amber bulb.  I just want to
 make sure that is the bulb that is supposed to be there and if not,
 which kind is.  Could someone take a look at the owners manual and see
 what kind of bulb is supposed to be in there?  Sadly I didn't get the
 manual with the car, and the Bentley doesn't have bulb specifications in

Any auto parts store should have a listing for the light.  I managed to get
mine at the local Autozone.  They also didn't work when I put them in -
problem was the bottom spring connector was bent enough that it didn't
connect with the bulb.  One pull with a screw driver, and it works.  The dual
filiment bulb is correct, btw.


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