FW: rear tie rods and front struts - some BTDT

Livolsi, Stephane Stephane.Livolsi at investorsgroup.com
Tue Aug 13 16:28:19 EDT 2002

I have replaced the front struts on my 86 5ktq twice now (because I bought
POS Monroe shocks - let's not go there OK?) and didn't remove the struts
either time.
If you jack up the car and let the wheel hang down and stretch the spring,
you can get a big pipe wrench on that cap that holds the strut in.  It is
not easy but I still think it is easier than removing the whole strut and
compressing the springs.  I know, because I have replaced both of my front
springs too. Of course, I did that at a different time than the shocks, like
an idiot..... And then there was the time I replaced the front axles...again
at a different time....

Just watch your fenders with that big pipe wrench.  You have to apply some
pretty good torque and when it lets go, you risk hitting the inner fenders.
I used a humongous pipe on the wrench for leverage.  No special tool needed.

Oh yeah, I also did a rear tie rod, once.  Very easy, no problem, no special



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> Hi Pat,
> I haven't done a front strut insert replacement on a type 44 but the
> special tool needed is to undo the strut insert retaining cap from the top
> of the strut tower, like you say. You *could* improvise by pulling the
> whole strut and dismantling so you can carefully use a pipe wrench on that
> top cap, no special tools needed then, apart from spring compressors. Its
> a lot more work, granted, and if you're not careful you could end up
> needing an alignment, but after replacing your strut inserts it may be
> worth doing that anyway <shrug>. How are your strut mounts/bump
> stop/piston boot too? If you pull the whole strut out you could check
> over/replace them too (though I think you can replace the piston boot and
> bump stop without removing the strut too?)
> Just a few thoughts,
> Graham.

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