rear tie rods and front struts

james accordino ssgacc at
Tue Aug 13 14:42:25 EDT 2002

Neither job is that difficult.  For the rear tie rods
you'll probably need a tool to remove them.  A puller
is best, a pickle fork will work (you don't care about
the old ones do you?), and you "could" also just
hammer on the nut after backing it off flush with the
end of the stud.  BTDT.  They should cost around $100.
or less per side.  The front struts are easiest to me
if I remove the assembly.  I usually change the boot,
boot cap, bump stop and strut mount.  Last time I also
replaced the protective cap, a thin ring of black
plastic that was fairly shreaded.  All these parts for
both sides cost much less than 1 strut.  You can rent
spring compressors free at FLAPS.  Just leave a
deposit.  IMO the hardest part of this whole job is
reattaching the front sway bar.

Jim Accordino
--- paanta at wrote:
> All,
>   Car in question is 5ktq:  What is involved in rear
> tie rod
> replacement?  Any special tools required?  I don't
> see this
> proceedure in the bentley.
>   Also, I'm in need of front struts for the same
> car.  The bentley
> requires a bunch of special tools.  Are there DIY
> alternatives, or
> should I have a shop do this one?  They come out
> through the top,
> it
> looks do I do this?  Anything else I
> should replace at the
> same time?
>   TIA,
>   Pat

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