FW: rear tie rods and front struts - some BTDT

B Vibert blur at sympatico.ca
Tue Aug 13 17:51:04 EDT 2002

"Livolsi, Stephane" wrote:
> I have replaced the front struts on my 86 5ktq twice now (because I bought
> POS Monroe shocks - let's not go there OK?) and didn't remove the struts
> either time.

Hi Stephane

I stupidly bought Monroe's as well, nobody  locally could find the
Boge's I wanted and I ran out of time.  They lasted less than 6 months
before spewing all their oil,  of course this does coincide with a
winter rallycross thing I was in.  Anyhow, at least they have lifetime
warranty and are easy to change.  Held up to a very rough rally last
winter as well. (Fingers crossed)

> If you jack up the car and let the wheel hang down and stretch the spring,
> you can get a big pipe wrench on that cap that holds the strut in.  It is
> not easy but I still think it is easier than removing the whole strut and
> compressing the springs.  I know, because I have replaced both of my front
> springs too. Of course, I did that at a different time than the shocks, like
> an idiot..... And then there was the time I replaced the front axles...again
> at a different time....
> Just watch your fenders with that big pipe wrench.  You have to apply some
> pretty good torque and when it lets go, you risk hitting the inner fenders.
> I used a humongous pipe on the wrench for leverage.  No special tool needed.

I don't like doing it like this as the pipewrench distorts the cap,
making it very hard to remove.  The real tool which fits in the hex on
top is much easier to use.

> Oh yeah, I also did a rear tie rod, once.  Very easy, no problem, no special
> tools.

Again, I made my own parts for this.  The inner mounts on mine are now
Heim joint type bearings. I have to replace them more often but they
are easy and tighter than the stock bushing.

Burl Vibert
1987 5kcstq
Kingston, Ontario

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