H&R springs intallation advice needed, local shop experience

B Vibert blur at sympatico.ca
Tue Aug 13 19:22:40 EDT 2002

Mihnea Cotet wrote:

> Also, on a side note, I went today to a local shop (Midas-like, they
> usually do exhausts, oil changes, brake pads and such) in order to have the
> front wheel bearings as well as the control arms bushings installed. To my
> surprise, the mechanic told me he never did such a job and that he wasn't
> sure he was supposed to do it... the shop's owner had told me 20 minutes
> earlier that hey had a hydraulic press and that it would be no problem for
> them to install my new bearings... oh well. so actually, I spent 75 Euros
> this evening doing a wheel bearing myself and teaching the mechanic how to
> replace a wheel bearing, though I didn't do it ever before, I seemed to
> know better than him how to replace one... same thing for the control arm
> bushings BTW.... so this time I decided that as soon as money permits, I'll
> make myself a hydraulic press and forget about those losers who call
> themselves mechanics and who don't even know how to replace a bearing!!!!
> Well now he does...

He probably wasn't a licensed mechanic.  I'd guess a "technician" or
the equivalent wherever you are.
BTW, I use a drill press with a 5/16" drill in it to remove control
arm bushings.  Just hold it by hand and drill into the rubber.  It'll
catch the rubber and the bit will quickly run itself around the
outside of the bushing and pop it right out.  Scary the first time but
works well.

Burl Vibert
1987 5kcstq
Kingston, Ontario

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