HELP! type 44 5k/100/200 wierdness

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Wed Aug 14 00:29:08 EDT 2002

    Chris ,

    I'd bet that it is nothing to do with your alternator. This is because
as you say the car was electrically fine one minute and severly challenged
the next. If the problem occurs between switching off and switching on, with
only a few minutes between then the alternator has done nothing in that time
and can't be the problem, (unless it were somehow shorting through the

    The two general possibilities seem to me that either the battery is
getting severely drained in a few minutes downtime, or that intermittently
you have a problem that is causing a severe voltage drop to many parts of
the system, e.g. as others have suggested I would suspect the splice, or
other bottlenecks such as relays, ignition switch etc or a short somewhere.
Its not at all unusual to find the main lead to the B+ on the alternator and
starter motor worn right through the insulation and ready to short out on
the routing hoops! Also you might want to check all your earthing points.

    Time to get busy with a multimeter, or one of those hook on ammeters
which may isolate a circuit thats over drawing.

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> last night (hot here in PA), i pulled into a gas station with my '86 5kT -
> euro lights on, a/c on, fan running hurricane speed. shut the car off,
> inside, afterrun fan running on high. nothing seemed amiss. came back out
> few mins later, got in the car, started it up - and it cranked over
> slowly..but started up..  dash lights were dim,  VOLT warning light came
> in the autocheck display, and car started running rough, and was belching
> smoke out of the exhaust like crazy..  the climate control LED display
> were flickering on and off, and then the car stalled out. i tried to crank
> up again, but clickclick nothing. no juice.  the battery is fine, its only
> months old, group 41 700cca.   luckily i had my jumper booster pack with
> and i jumped the battery and the car started up, but dash lights were
> dim, VOLT warning light on, and climate control display going haywire and
> low amperage making the ECU go crazy (im assuming) thats why the fuel
> was off and the car was belching smoke from the exhaust still..  the rad
> is on this whole time (car is hot) and when i turn the a/c off and the
> headlights off, the car runs better, stops blowing smoke, and VOLT light
> out after i rev the RPM's up..
> my alternator is a year old Bosch reman 90amp...and ive had my eurolights
> for a year now, running the 80/100w bulbs, and never had a prob.  what do
> think the problem is?  a bad voltage regulator on the alternator?  wiring
> problem??  the battery is fine.  can i move up to a 115 or 120 amp
>  is there one available for the 5kt? dealer sez only 90amp was available
> that car.   any help appreciated, this charging system prob is driving me
> crazy and im tired of being stranded....
> thanks in advance
> chris
> '86 5kT
> pa (supposed to be 105 degrees tomorrow)
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