88 Audi 5000 *SUCCESS* at last !

Ice Cat ^. .^ ~ iceisit at earthlink.net
Tue Aug 13 21:02:27 EDT 2002

>Don't see any mention of timing in your list.  Has Jim checked the
>timing belt and distributor position with a timing light?  Normal
>timing is 15 deg BTDC.  Huw Powell says timing can be advanced to 20
>deg BTDC and I've run that with no problems.  The ignition is
>totally electronic, distributor hall sensor actually triggers 60
>degrees BTDC and ignition module retards the appropriate amount
>based on knock detected.  HP for the NG engine is 130 HP and should
>have plenty of pep with a manual transmission as in my NG equipped
>Coupe GT, much softer as in my Mom's 100 Avant.

Thanks everyone for all of the many suggestions.   We sure are
learning a lot here!

My good pal and hubby finally dug my timing light out and loosen the
distributor.  Sure enough when he moved it up it ran much better.
It didn't sound just right at 20, so he moved it to about 22 on my
recommendation of how it sounded.

It that going to pit the pistons or do any other damage set that high ???

It ran much much better, but I will say not perfect going up an
incline on the freeway when I accelerated.  I am going to try to have
him replace the O2 sensor just for kicks.   ;-)

Thanks all for your help !!!

Fay, the cat

   "Curiosity killed the cat ... satisfaction brought her back !"

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