Begging for QLCC code for mac11, stock code for mac14

Dan Dwyer dandwyer at
Wed Aug 14 06:36:51 EDT 2002

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Hello everybody,

I recently acquired a 4000 and a donor 5000 for a super-hack-job 4000 turbo=
 conversion.  I now have a Mac11 for the first time ever.

I was wondering if anybody has the Mac11 QLCC eprom code that they could se=
nd to me.  If the stock code is available, that would be nice too for compa=
rison.  I probably won't be able to dump the code off of my stock eprom as =
I will cut it out rather than desolder it in attempt to preserve the board =

Also, if anybody has a stock code dump for a Mac14 eprom, that would make m=
y day.  I would like to look at the code, but do not feel comfortable desol=
dering the chip from the board.

Note:  I'm just after code, not programmed chips.



'89 200Q Wagon
'85 4000TQ

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