4ktq high oil temp update

David.Ullrich at ferguson.com David.Ullrich at ferguson.com
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140*C doesn't seem out of line to me. This is assuming sustained highway driving in high ambient temps. On 95*F+ days, I've seen mine climb as high as 145*C for a few minutes when driving a sustained 75-80 MPH. The water temps stayed rock steady at 1 line below 1/2 on the digi gauge.  Generally, any oil temps below 150*C aren't something to worry too much about. At 150*C the oil starts to break down faster than "normal" at 170*C you need to pull over al let it cool down as the oil is cooking itself...


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I adjusted my TPS settings today per Javad's suggestions and it seems to
have helped smoothness tremendously.  My oil temps are still a little
high on the highway but lower that what I was getting before.. peak temp
that I got to was around 140c.  I think better airflow to the oil cooler
will lower that even further.

Here's a graph of my ride into work:


Thanks Nate for the great php script for displaying the logs!


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