re. Digital Dash light sensor

Ben Swann bswann at
Wed Aug 14 10:17:55 EDT 2002

[After reading through the Electronic Instrument Display manual, I have
rmined that my dash isn't quite working right. According to the manual
e is an electronic eye that detect light natural light levels and adjusts
he display automatically. When it detects low light levels it
 dims the dash and if you start the car in the dark it will flash a green
mblem on the dash to remind you to turn on your headlights. But in my case
it does this every time, and I've always thought my dash was too dim in
light. It seems to me that the electronic eye must not be functioning
rly and it "thinks" it's dark out and id dimming the dash and tripping the
warning light. I'd really like to get this feature working right. Anybody
ver had this problem? Anybody willing to suggest some things to check to
lp troubleshoot this? Also has anybody successfully calibrated their fuel
ange using the directions in the manual? Is it really as easy as it



1987.5 Audi Coupe GT "Special Build" 2.3 - Anthracite Black]

I've been working on this coupe[for sale] with digital dash in my garage.
 I had supposed the annoying green flashing light that comes on was a
problem I had to troubleshoot.  Thanks to your email, looks like there is
no problem.  That explains why the light goes away when I drive it outside
- I did not make the connection, at first.

Sorry, I'm not able to help get yours functioning right.


[OK, since nobody seems to have any troubleshooting tips, can the
c eye" be overridden? Could it be removed/disconnected and have the system
say in daylight mode all the time? I could then dim the dash manually with
the rheostat (sp?). Anybody?]

I would think you could disable this IMO annoying feature.  I would think
the eye provides an on or an off..perhaps short or disconnect to disable.


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