re. 88 Audi 5000 *SUCCESS* at last !

Nate Stuart newt at
Wed Aug 14 10:39:23 EDT 2002

Nope, the NG's sole timing reference is off of the 5 dizzy windows, it
really doesn't know the relative engine position. Just adjusts the amount
of delay from when the window edge is sensed to when it tells the coil to
fire whatever plug the rotor is aiming at. So when you twist the
distributer then all the ECU's references are twisted too and the timing
is statically advanced or retarded.

The Mac-11, and 14 are setup in the manor that you are reffering to. They
have a pin on the crank(flywheel) that the ecu looks for, when it sees it
it then starts looking for the single cam window (or vice versa, can't
remember), and sets up timing for all 5 cyl's off this. Due to the static
nature of the flywheel mark you cannot adjust the timing on an MC motor by
twisting the dizzy.

'89 90tq

Ben Swann said:
> I though timing was not adjustable on the NG setup.  AFAIK - either the
> distributor is "in window" or is not.  Timing gets advanced and retarded
> by the ECU based on RPM and load conditions.
> Of course the setup will be most reliable if in dead center of the
> window.
>  Unless the timing belt were installed correctly causing the distributor
> to
> have move with respect to all else, or someone messed with it before,
> the distributor is not adjustable.
> Please advise if this is not correct.

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