Audrey's first road trip

Benjamin Kaupp bkaupp at
Wed Aug 14 10:07:34 EDT 2002

Just got back from Doris Lake in Sierra National Forest... Audrey ran
great (with the exception of a dead odometer 23.7 miles from the last
fillup) and didn't even drink more than 1/4 quart of Syntec 5-50...
Driving through the central valley made me want to recharge my A/C, but
that can wait. The fun part was driving on roads that had eaten Frod
Exploders and assorted other things what were made to go there. I even
got a great picture of me about to ford a stream, then one of my dented
muffler after fording said stream. If you want to, and don't mind wading
through my other pictures, feel free to check out the new section at

BTW - Saw a sweet black A6 2.7 at a pack station at the very end of
Kaiser Pass Road... lister? (only other Audi we saw)

-Ben Kaupp
'87 4kcsq (gettin' new brakes, tires, wheel bearings, etc. this weekend!)
'02 BMW Z3 2.5 (it is actually possible to drive fast enough that
traction control and antilocks are a bad thing)
'00 Jaguar S-Type 3.0s (mom went through yet another set of Yokahama
AVS... switchin' to P-Zero 245-45ZR17)
'90 Isuzu Trooper (saddened by Audrey's performance, wants a lift kit)
'69.5 VW Karmann Ghia Convertible (brother just punched the nose in on
another car... ouch)

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