badge p/n lookup in you-know-what

auditude at auditude at
Wed Aug 14 13:07:48 EDT 2002

Hi Ti,

Yes, that got me to the exact section I needed to be in.  Unfortunately, the only part numbers available are for the euro badges.  Doh!  Makes sense.

I need the part number for the chrome 5000 badge, that is the squared off font.  I do not want the 5000 badge that is silver on black relief and is an oval font.

I think I need the U.S. version of the you-know-what to get this.  Is there such a thing among us?

I would put the 200 badge on, if it wasn't for the fact that there is no paint underneath where the badges were!  Actually, I would leave only the center rings, and maybe the quattro badge, if I could.  But I can't without painting the trunk lid. :-(



Ti Kan ti at
> auditude at writes:
> > I haven't used the you-know-what in a long time, and even then haven't had much experience with it.
> >
> > I am now trying to find the p/n for a 5000 badge, as I have had many failed attempts at ordering and receiving the correct one.
> >
> > I can't for the life of me find that section.  The only things that I can get to pull up are the inside trim pieces for the trunk.
> >
> > Does anyone who's adept at using the you-know-what know how to find this section?
> How about selecting your year and model of 5k, then go to Main Group 8,
> Subgroup 53, Illustration 132-00?

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