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I like the light of my HID's, I don't want the damn government getting
involved and feeling bad for people dealing with glare.  My lights are fine,
and are aimed correctly.  We don't need any more laws governing our vehicles,
we are squeezed enough by the environmentalists and the govenrment as it is.
Craig K. Porter
98 A4 2.8 30V Quattro  H&R coilovers, strut tower bar, Wildwood 4 pot
calipers-front, S4 calipers-rear, SS lines, GIAC chip, K&N intake, Stebro
stainless exhaust, high-flow cats, Euro 1-piece headlamp conversion w/ H.I.D
(dead-waiting on S4 conversion)

70 914 1.7L flared fenders, 5-lug conversion, front mount battery, Bilstiens,
needing some body work

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> Some of the most distracting of the lights I encountered driving early
> mornings last winter were the stupid piercing lights on NEW AUDIS.  There
> were a couple A4 or A6  wagons I'd meet most mornings that I could pick out
> of the line of cars coming toward me from way off in the distance.  I sure
> wouldn't want my lights disturbing others.
> At 11:01 AM 08/14/2002 -0400, David.Ullrich at ferguson.com wrote:
> >I'd bet any money that 99% of the complaints about HIDs are due people
> >mistaking the fake "xenon" bulbs that r1cers use for real HIDs. Those ARE
> >obnoxious. Real HIDs, when properly aimed, have very low glare. Granted, I
> >do find HIDs on huge SUVs terribly blinding when they pull up right behind
> >my little Coupe, but that is more a function of how high they are, not the
> >lights themselves.
> >

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