quattro digest, frnt strut removal type 44

Keith Lawyer LawyerKG at co.laplata.co.us
Wed Aug 14 13:49:06 EDT 2002

I'm with ya, but I had one strut cap that would not back off no matter
what I tried.. ... pipe wrench, HUGE Channelocks, heat, etc.  Finally
had to squeeze my Dremel in between the coils and cut it off LOL!  Also
had to use care not to booger the threads underneath!

Keith L

>>> <J123fs at aol.com> 08/14/02 12:08PM >>>
Hey guys,
here is a quick primer on ten minute per side strut cartrige
1. Go to local hardware store and but the largest water/pump type
pliers you can buy...should run 15 dollars max, and there great for
household plumbing too.....
2. get a marker to trace around the top of strut mount (so you do not
mess up alignment) or a center punch to mark the strut mount position,
and mark alignment position.
3. slightly jack up the side of the car your working on, but only
enough to get water pumps in-between the coils on the strut to get at
the lock ring. No need for wheel to be off the ground!
****Use common sense and chock, and block the car, and use jack stands
so the car will not fall on you; and keep fingers away from in between
the coil springs!!!*****
****No need to end up with a name like "lefty" because you didn't take
five minutes to make it safe!****
4. procede to turn lock ring to the left...sometimes a little pbr
blaster or wd40 can help the rust loosen up a bit. After is fully
unscrewed lower car back down.
5. unbolt strut mount, and lift out cartrige...try not to move the car
too much as the strut may move off to the side making it tough to get
the top mount back on.
6. install is just a quick reverse.....

No special tools needed, and has worked on every type 44 I had to work
on ( many, as I used to be pro mech.), and no need to deal with removal
of the whole strut, or to re-align if your carefull.
Good luck,

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