Possible UrS4 purchase, need advice.

Jim Bonnet jimbo at sysdump.com
Wed Aug 14 14:00:12 EDT 2002

Bob wrote:

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>Im looking at a '94 UrS4 with 45K on it, and it  appears to be in mint condition. Its pretty well
>loaded and drives/runs well.
>Caveat: It is being sold by a dealer, and it was in the shop for the last week and a half "Getting a
>new transmission installed". He indicated that one of the gears may have had a chipped tooth.
>Does this sound abused or is the dealer just being overly cautious?
sweet!  buy it! the early s4's had tranny issues and if its getting fix
for you then thats great.. Whats the asking price? with 45k miles only
it ought to last you for a long time. my 93 has 92k miles and is still
running great. the pinion gears in the tranny failed at different times
and are mainly just noisy..

Good luck-

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