90 200 hard start problem

gkot at adelphia.net gkot at adelphia.net
Wed Aug 14 17:47:11 EDT 2002

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Thank you to everyone who extended suggestions on solving this nagging prob=
lem.  Would take about 6 seconds of cranking on cold starts, then engine wo=
uld stumble until clear of the excess fuel in the combustion chamber.  At l=
east, that is what seemed to be happening.  Eventually, I could not start i=
t at all on 2 occasion, then it healed itself.  Then the above cycle would =
repeat itself.

After checking for vacuum leaks, replacing old soft hoses, replacing old le=
aky injectors, and even trying a used distributor in case a intermittent ba=
d sending unit, we dead ended until the car died again.  As it turns out, t=
he fuel pump check valve was fine, and the pump was working, but the pump w=
as apparently operating "intermittent" as less than full pressure.

Pump replaced and all is now well.  I have had several Audis and had never =
had a bad pump act this way.

George Kotjarapoglus

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