Mental pt 2: Throttle body mod

nicksimc at nicksimc at
Wed Aug 14 16:01:04 EDT 2002

So the twin turbo thread/quest for originality has inspired me.  I have a
set of Kei-Hin carbs/throttle bodies for a Japanese motocycle with an I-4
engine.  The carbs themselves are separate from one another, so the
spacing isn't too much of an issue.  The options I see are:

1 Keep the carbs and spend a lot of time getting them in tune,

2 Remove the throttle bodies from the carbs and build a log manifold that
connects to the stock intake system.

I like #2 best, I think it allows for more tuning in the future.  EFI will
allow me to get rid of the CIS box and make an intake with better flow

The car in question is an 82 4000s 1.7, with the K-jet FI.  If this works
well and is legal on-road, this will be test-run for a 5-cylinder version.
If emissions make this illegal, the car will probably become a track car



82 4ks

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