HID lights

james accordino ssgacc at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 14 17:08:23 EDT 2002

I have no love lost over SUV's either.  Can someone
please explain to me why some 5'0", 87 lb. woman needs
to drive an 18' long, 8000 lb. behemoth?  Of course
with the V10 engine that gets 4 MPG?  And of course
drive with the high beams and driving/fog lights on at
all times?  I REALLY need a free-fire zone.  Not to
hurt anyone, just to disable their instruments of

Jim Accordino
heard a rumor that Dorf will discontinue this junk in
another year or so due to grumblings from the populace
and enviro-types.  (hoping it's true)

--- Ti Kan <ti at amb.org> wrote:
> Indeed.  I think people are reacting to the fact
> that HIDs emit such
> a different color of light than the standard
> halogens.  Sure, HIDs are
> very bright, but good systems like those found on
> Audis have self-leveling
> feature that continuously adjust themselves so they
> are always aimed
> correctly.  There is the unavoidable occasional
> "flash" when the car rides
> over bumps or crests over a hill, but you'd get that
> "flash" with any
> good lighting technology.  The HIDs with their blue
> tinge is now getting
> the brunt of the blame just because they are so easy
> to identify and
> "scapegoat".
> Just when we finally have legal advanced lighting
> systems on cars here in
> the US, the last thing we want is to have the
> government legislate them
> away due to public ignorance.
> Now, lowering the lights on SUVs would be a good
> idea.  Heck, I wouldn't
> shed a tear if SUVs were to go away altogether...

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