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cobram at juno.com cobram at juno.com
Wed Aug 14 21:20:14 EDT 2002

To each his own, who am I to judge.  Dare I say that a two or three year
old SUV pollutes less, and some get better mileage than the decade + cars
usually discussed on this list?  Plus they don't usually leave a mineral
oil stain wherever they're parked?  I know for a fact there are a few
that SUV's that get better mileage and are alot cleaner than my beloved
In this same vein, is there really any need for a car that does 150MPH,
has overly complicated hydraulics and drains balance of trade dollars
away from where it's imported?  Does anyone REALLY need anything more
than a 3 cylinder, 3 spd Geo Metro with crank windows and cloth door
pulls?  Alas the SUV-less paradise you dream of exists no more, only the
fond memories of Trabants and Stasi on every corner.
If you like it, can afford it, and it rocks your boat, more power to you.
 WTF am I to judge anyone for what they drive.    I'm not fond of SUV's
myself, but I'd dump any of the 4 ringed beasts I own in a NY minute if a
500 G-wagen crossed my path on the cheap.


 james accordino <ssgacc at yahoo.com> writes:
> I have no love lost over SUV's either.  Can someone
> please explain to me why some 5'0", 87 lb. woman needs
> to drive an 18' long, 8000 lb. behemoth?  Of course
> with the V10 engine that gets 4 MPG?  And of course
> drive with the high beams and driving/fog lights on at
> all times?  I REALLY need a free-fire zone.  Not to
> hurt anyone, just to disable their instruments of
> pain.
> Jim Accordino

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