HID lights

t44tq at mindspring.com t44tq at mindspring.com
Wed Aug 14 21:58:07 EDT 2002

I agree w/ both- I want HID lighting to stay, and I want people who can't aim
their headlights properly to be ticketed for being a hazard.

Last time I was going up to Lime Rock with the car fully loaded with tools,
tires and stuff for the track, I forgot that I should have flicked the
load-compensation lever on my lights, realized this when I was lighting up the
rear window of the Subaru in front of me on 199- oops.

The German cars have self-leveling for HID lights, I don't know if the
Japanese and American cars do or not. Anyone know?

HID or not, glare is glare- the idiots driving at dusk w/ DRLs is as bad as
misaimed headlamps and they don't realize it. Same thing with idiots who do
stuff like have their HID lamps recalibrated to light up the back window on
dipped beam (I know a guy who did this, told him if I ever see him coming
toward me with his stupid light setup, I'd flash him with my Eurolights and
give him a taste of his own medicine).

For the driver, HID lamps are a quantum improvement in lighting, if you've
driven with them, there is no going back. The next car for my parents will
definitely have HID, there is no doubt about that- I'll pay the difference if

Too bad we don't get the Euro A8 6.0's bi-xenon system, gotta get a 996 turbo
for that. :-)


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