HID lights

David Ritter dritter at up.net
Thu Aug 15 09:36:47 EDT 2002

De-lurking for this one...

On my 00 A6Q, the xenons are auto-leveling. From what I can tell about the
system it is reading the suspension position front and rear from a couple of
sensors mounted to the a-arm. This gives the light motors a signal to change
the level of the low beams.
In use, it appears to work pretty well. The "over a hill" effect is still
going to flash oncoming traffic for a second, but no worse that a droF SUV.

Fitting aftermarket HID's with auto-leveling would be difficult due to the
suspension position sensor requirement. I've changed my wrx over to LHD euro
lenses with leveling motors and retrofitted HID's to the low beams. There are
problems getting the leveling motors working correctly, but I've got it
functional. This allows me to keep the HID's down and out of oncoming eye's
when on bumpy roads or when loaded heavily. When roads are smooth and traffic
is light, I raise them up a bit to see bambi earlier. Since I have no way to
implement auto-level, that's about the best setup I can do. The wrx stock
lights rank right up there with type44tq stockers, pretty scary.

In my opinion, the worst offenders are those installing HID aftermarket into
DOT floodlight lenses on SUV's.


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