Stupid Newbie Coupe Question

auditude at auditude at
Thu Aug 15 12:02:31 EDT 2002

Hi Michael,

There's a little black knob in the driver door jamb.  Pull it outward, and the trunk will release, if everything is working.

This "hidden" trunk release saved my buddy's amp and speakers from getting stolen, when his car was broken into.  They couldn't figure out how to open the trunk!



Quoting Michael Elliott <mailmikey at>:

> I've long been an Audi fan and have owned several over the years.  I
> just recently picked up an 86 Coupe GT Commerative Edition.  I can't
> figure out how to get the hatch/trunk open on this thing!  Any help
> would be greatly appreciated, I must be missing something!  I can't find
> anything to open it with anywhere.  Please help, as I need to get my
> bike in the back of the thing for a race, tomorrow!  Thanks alot!
> Michael Elliott
> 90 200TQ
> 88 90
> 87 4000S
> 86 Coupe GT

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