Coupe Trunk Q (sorry if repost)

auditude at auditude at
Thu Aug 15 12:14:41 EDT 2002

I'm curious to know what kind of bike you are planning to put in there.  It might be a tight fit.

(if you missed the other message, pull the black knob in the driver door jamb)


Quoting Michael Elliott <mailmikey at>:

> I just subscribed, so I don't know if my first Q was sent.  I need to
> know, ASAP how to open the trunk/hatch on an 86 Coupe GT.  May sound
> like a stupid question, but I am completely stumped here.  I searched
> the archives, but found nothing of any help.  Thanks in advance for any
> help.
> Michael Elliott
> mailmikey at
> 90 200TQ
> 88 90
> 87 4000S
> 86 Coupe GT

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