Stupid Newbie Coupe Question

Nate Beck Nate.Beck at
Thu Aug 15 10:19:50 EDT 2002

My daughters bike or my son's trike,  yes

My klein......  no way.


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As others have already posted on how to open the Coupe's trunk I will not
attempt to answer that question, but I will pose another one.

Can one fit a bike into a Coupe GT's trunk ??

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> I've long been an Audi fan and have owned several over the years.  I
> just recently picked up an 86 Coupe GT Commerative Edition.  I can't
> figure out how to get the hatch/trunk open on this thing!  Any help
> would be greatly appreciated, I must be missing something!  I can't find
> anything to open it with anywhere.  Please help, as I need to get my
> bike in the back of the thing for a race, tomorrow!  Thanks alot!
> Michael Elliott
> 90 200TQ
> 88 90
> 87 4000S
> 86 Coupe GT

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