1/2 Quattro or Quaife is in the CGT Turbo

J. Lyons raudi1 at value.net
Thu Aug 15 17:35:55 EDT 2002

Hello all,

Just a quick note to let you know that after long weeks of waiting, and
lots of $$$ my 84 CGT Turbo is back on the road with a mighty Quaife
diff riding inside an 87 tranny, complete with the hydraulic clutch
assy. (major improvement!!!).

Really nice having 2 wheel drive in this car! Definitely improved
handling all around, as well as eliminating torque steer. I still find
myself wanting to correct for torque steer when I get on the gas, but I
am sure I'll get used to it!

Anyhow, just wanted to share in my fun! Highly recommend limited slip
upgrade to all!

Next stop - Dubwar Aug 18th Buttonwillow Raceway

Keep the rubber side down,

J. Lyons
84 CGT Turbo (now 1/2 Quattro!)
86 4KCSQ
79 5KS

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