Stupid Newbie Coupe Question

Fisher, Scott Scott_Fisher at
Thu Aug 15 17:43:53 EDT 2002

Jeff Pereira asks:

> Can one fit a bike into a Coupe GT's trunk ??

I used to fit an entire mobile video studio into my '83 CGT's trunk,
including a professional Sony DV Cam (not mini-DV, this was a real Channel
2-size videocamera), the audio mixer and mike bag, and three computers
(sharing one 15" monitor) for multicasting on the Web.  Well, except for the
tripod; I had to put that in the back seat.

In the Eighties, I read an interview with Ferdinand Piech who explained that
he built Audis with huge trunks in large part so they won't have to use roof
racks, which cut fuel mileage drastically and has a bad effect on handling
and safety.  This was in the same era as his comment about giving Audis
large gas tanks so that when the world ran out of oil, an Audi would not be
the first car to roll to a stop.

Bikes, however, to get back to Michael Elliott's question... We managed to
get two kids' bikes in the trunk of my wife's 100CSQ, after removing the
front wheel of the larger one.  I believe you could probably get my older
daughter's bike (she's 14, so it's an adult-sized mountain bike) in the
trunk if you took the wheel off.  I'd bring a blanket and some twine,
though, just in case some of it needs to stick out -- don't put it on the
red leather.  Oh, and no, the seat does NOT fold down.

(Oh, and in the 100, we got the whole studio in the trunk, tripod included.)

--Scott Fisher
  Tualatin, Oregon

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