1/2 Quattro or Quaife is in the CGT Turbo

Richard Hoffman billzcat1 at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 15 21:02:25 EDT 2002

Just had a random musing about Quaifes myself...a good friend just put one
(had one installed) in his 95 GTI VR6 and that thing puts down power VERY
nicely for a FWD-er.
What effect would adding a limited-slip differential to a quattro front or
rear diff, assuming road/track use only? (no rally).
I'm certainly in no position to be tossing $1000 into my perfectly fine
stock CoupeQ but I am just wondering out loud and I figured this forum would
be the best place to do so.
My thoughts (let me know if I'm wrong):
Adding a limited slip to the rear is pretty much pointless.  In a drag-race
situation you can lock the rear anyway until 15mph so you wouldn't have to
worry about slip too much anyway, what with weight transfer and all.
(assuming big power) In a road-race situation, having the additional
traction out back in a torsen-based Quattro system just means more pushy
Theoretically, in an open-torsen-open setup, if you make the back end stiff
and it breaks loose before the front (via stiff-stiff springs, swaybar,
whatever) the torque transfers to the front and pulls you back in control,
yes?  Based on this thought, adding limited-slip to the front would assist
you holding control of the car in a drift situation?
Here's one I am not sure about at all: how would a limited slip up front
affect turn-in and responsiveness?  would it make steering sluggish?
All of this is assuming a limited-slip can even be done up front...I have
honestly no idea what is truly going on inside that box we call a
No if you need to set me straight, don't hesitate to do so...

1990 CQ 206K

>From: "J. Lyons" <raudi1 at value.net>
>To: quattro at audifans.com
>Subject: 1/2 Quattro  or  Quaife is in the CGT Turbo
>Date: Thu, 15 Aug 2002 16:35:55 -0700
>Hello all,
>Just a quick note to let you know that after long weeks of waiting, and
>lots of $$$ my 84 CGT Turbo is back on the road with a mighty Quaife
>diff riding inside an 87 tranny, complete with the hydraulic clutch
>assy. (major improvement!!!).
>Really nice having 2 wheel drive in this car! Definitely improved
>handling all around, as well as eliminating torque steer. I still find
>myself wanting to correct for torque steer when I get on the gas, but I
>am sure I'll get used to it!
>Anyhow, just wanted to share in my fun! Highly recommend limited slip
>upgrade to all!
>Next stop - Dubwar Aug 18th Buttonwillow Raceway
>Keep the rubber side down,
>J. Lyons
>84 CGT Turbo (now 1/2 Quattro!)
>86 4KCSQ
>79 5KS

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