haunted 90q20v cruise control?

C1J1Miller at aol.com C1J1Miller at aol.com
Fri Aug 16 09:55:23 EDT 2002

Most issues with cruise are the switches at the pedals; I've been told that even if adjusted/cleaned, they may leak vac. as they age; new switches should solve your issue.

you wrote:
Hey all-

I'm trying to tackle the intermittent cruise control on my 90q20v. I would
run through the standard testing proceduce before bothering everyone, but
this is plain weird. It will engage and hold cruise...then slowly slowly
slowly drop (in speed, but I can still feel the pedal being held to the
floor, and giving it gas will ghet it going at teh chosen speed again for a
few seconds, then the dropping occurs). I know, I know vacuum leak, right?

But the weird thing is that sometimes, about 20% of the time, it will just
function. Perfectly. It will hold the speed I choose for long periods of

I have noticed that it does not like hills, when it does choose to work 100%,
it does so mostly on flat stretches and will sometimes do the dropping thing
upon approaching a hill.

Any ideas? Evil spirits? Elves? TIA.


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