first oil change, now weird noises...

Eric_R_Kissell at Eric_R_Kissell at
Fri Aug 16 09:01:49 EDT 2002

On 8/16/2002 paanta at  wrote:
>Since changing the oil, I get a squeal/howl/scary noise from the car.
>It starts howling about one to two minutes after startup and goes away after
>maybe 15 minutes when the car is good and hot.  It makes the noise at idle, and
>its slightly worse as engine speed increases.  I think the best way to describe
>it is the sound you get from rubbing your finger around the rim of a crystal
>wine glass, but much lower pitched and more intermittent.

This could be a vacuum leak at the rear crank seal. I am not sure what that
would have to do with your oil change, unless your new oil somehow removed
some crud that was sealing the leak before.

On our 1989 200q Avant I had a similar noise that was most prevalent on
startup and when idling. This noise went away when I changed the rear crank
seal during the clutch replacement I did several months ago.


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