Weird AC Behavior

george mills gamills at
Fri Aug 16 12:05:55 EDT 2002

My bets are on the programmer. I say this because I was having similar
problems a few years ago but I also had a bad motor/gear assembly that
runs the Bowden cable to adjust the flaps in the air box. I got a used
programmer in good working condition and the A/C started blowing out
the centre vents like it should. Also, there was a thread some time
ago about the solenoid thingies getting sticky and not functioning
properly to open the vents. Just when it gets hot enough here to turn
on the A/C I got nice cool air blowing out the defrost vents and
footwell vents. I want it blowin' right at me! When I get a chance I'm
going to take the programmer out and go at it with some contact

Best regards,

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