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That is the 1980s version.  It is supposed to work like the Russian site.
Click on the part and it should open a window with availability, and price,
then click on the order button.

I once tried to buy something on the Russian site, giving them a credit card
number that I seldom used and could easily cancel.

Got a message which I had translated to the effect that they do not ship to
the US, only Europe, and they gave me Freight forwarder's name in Finland
who would organize the shipping.  they never hit the card nor did the card
number get sold to the Russian mafia which I fully expected.

Colin (in much more risk averse mode these days!)

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| > I'd bet that whatever VAG charges dealers, it includes software
| > AND hookups
| > for connecting to the warehouse computers for ordering purposes and for
| > messaging, if not also the hardware.
| >
| My only data point in this regard is that University Audi in Seattle runs
| ETKA on one machine and the ordering warehouse stuff on another machine.
| They use ETKA to find the part numbers, write the part numbers on a slip
| paper, then re-enter the part numbers on the other machine.
| Best,
| Bernard Littau
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