re Stoopid Ebayers....

Michael Riebs / Audi V8 AudiV8 at
Fri Aug 16 15:49:51 EDT 2002

His last auction as "Hott Items" user name:
His first auction as "joeanthony1" user name:
There! It's the same guy, with 12 complaints, doing business under a
different user name.
Here are all the items he sold in the past 30 days under the old "hott
items" user name:
Check it out!

Michael L. Riebs
Grand Rapids, Michigan

'90 V8Q
'98 A6QA

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I did one better..

I went to the Ebay home page then search then completed items and pasted in
part of the auctions title..  There are dozens of auctions with the same
info the seller is not a registered user, and he has nothing but bad

I am sure he made a few hundred bucks..probably by selling tin foil that you
wrap around your exhaust manifold.. actually looking at the feedback most of
these STOOOPID people never got anything..

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