best way to remove exhaust manifold without breaking studs.

Darin Nederhoff quattro at
Fri Aug 16 17:48:58 EDT 2002

Well, I found that removing the exhaust studs on my 20V head (AAN) was
relatively easy.  I did have the head removed from the car, but I do think I
could do it with the head in the car (at least on an S4/S6).  I simply used the
old double nut technique...  put one nut on upside down followed by another one
the correct way and tighten them against each other.  Once tight you may be
able to just turn them out.  In my case, all but three came out this way.  A
vice grip was all I needed to pull the three remaining studs.

If you can have it done for $55 out and back in, I would say go for it unless
you've BTDT before.


'93 S4
'90 CQ
'86 XR4ti

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