Shift lever problems

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Fri Aug 16 16:35:16 EDT 2002

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Hello everyone, I'm having problems getting my 1990 200tq in to first and s=
econd gears and also fifth and reverse.  It seems the only gear I can easil=
y shift into is third and fourth.  The shift lever has no spring in it anym=
ore, you know how they usually spring back to center position when in neutr=
al.  Mine has no spring at all.  To get into first gear I have to pull the =
shift lever really hard to the left and it just barely goes into gear.  I'v=
e removed the shift boot and have taken a look inside, I'm not sure what ac=
ts as the spring, and have never messed with transmission linkage before.  =
Anyone have any suggestions or ideas?  Thanks in advance....

Greg Bird
Portland, Oregon
90 200tq

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