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james accordino ssgacc at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 16 16:49:49 EDT 2002

I LOVE the cut-off on Euros.  Now matter the distance
from the car in front, I light up from about the
mid-trunk down.  Everything above is dark and below is
like daylight.  Sometimes I figure these people need
all these lights on (high beams, driving lamps) is
because they CAN'T see with their sh*tty/misaligned
lights.  You'd think the fact that they can watch the
coons in the trees off the side of the road would give
them a clue?

Jim Accordino
proper lighting uber alas

--- t44tq at mindspring.com wrote:
> I agree w/ both- I want HID lighting to stay, and I
> want people who can't aim
> their headlights properly to be ticketed for being a
> hazard.
> Last time I was going up to Lime Rock with the car
> fully loaded with tools,
> tires and stuff for the track, I forgot that I
> should have flicked the
> load-compensation lever on my lights, realized this
> when I was lighting up the
> rear window of the Subaru in front of me on 199-
> oops.
> The German cars have self-leveling for HID lights, I
> don't know if the
> Japanese and American cars do or not. Anyone know?
> HID or not, glare is glare- the idiots driving at
> dusk w/ DRLs is as bad as
> misaimed headlamps and they don't realize it. Same
> thing with idiots who do
> stuff like have their HID lamps recalibrated to
> light up the back window on
> dipped beam (I know a guy who did this, told him if
> I ever see him coming
> toward me with his stupid light setup, I'd flash him
> with my Eurolights and
> give him a taste of his own medicine).
> For the driver, HID lamps are a quantum improvement
> in lighting, if you've
> driven with them, there is no going back. The next
> car for my parents will
> definitely have HID, there is no doubt about that-
> I'll pay the difference if
> necessary.
> Too bad we don't get the Euro A8 6.0's bi-xenon
> system, gotta get a 996 turbo
> for that. :-)
> Taka

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