HELP! How you remove '87 Coupe ignition switch?

Keith Bedard keith.bedard at
Fri Aug 16 16:23:10 EDT 2002

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Bought an '87.5 Coupe GT a couple weeks ago.  It was very particular about =
how you had to twist the key to start it - you had to push the key both tow=
ards the steering column and towards the front of the car.  From that first=
 day, I suspected the ignition switch was on its way out.  Now, even doing =
this trick won't start the car, and I am not getting any voltage from the i=
gnition wire that goes to the small terminal on the starter.  Also, the sta=
rter that came with the car was dying when I bought car, and has since died=
, so I replaced it with a good starter that I had.  Now, when I cross both =
terminals on the starter, the car starts fine.  Therefore, the cable from t=
he battery is good, the starter is good, but it is not getting ignition sig=
nal.  I removed the upper and lower plastic covers on the steering column i=
n order to remove and test the ignition switch.  I have no idea how to remo=
ve this switch!  I can remove the harness that plugs onto the bottom of the=
 switch, can see the terminals coming out of the bottom of the switch, but =
cannot figure out how to remove it!  Also, my Bentley manual does not have =
information (that I can find) on removing/replacing ignition switch...

Any BTDTs would be greatly appreciated on how to remove this damn switch.

Keith Bedard
Medford & Westminster, MA
'91 200q20v
'87.5 Coupe GT

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