coolant flushing, refilling

Greg Wolters GJWArch at
Fri Aug 16 19:49:13 EDT 2002

Hi Brett,

I'm getting ready to do the same on my S4 this weekend and I also want
to get as much of the old stuff out.  You've raised a lot of the same
questions I have...

I do know from flushing my 4KCSQ that it always seems to help to park
the car so that the top of the radiator or overflow tank is slightly
higher than the rest of the engine so that all the air bubbles work
their way up there.

I'm planning on changing my thermostat and wonder if it would be best to
remove the old one before the flush procedure...  I mean to run water
through without the thermostat in place...any input out there?

Good luck!  I hope we get some words of wisdom from the list.


94 S4
86 4KCSQ Comm Ed (for sale)

Brett Dikeman wrote:

> So I finally decide to tackle changing the coolant, which looks
> pretty disgusting, and sure enough, when I drain it, it comes out a
> very nasty dark brown.  Ugh.


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