5kcst thermo sensor Q

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Fri Aug 16 21:57:59 EDT 2002

Steve Sherman writes:
> I'm still trying to track down my "overheating" issue with my 87 5KTQW,
> and started thinking about a new line of investigation...  Perhaps my
> engine is not overheating (it never gets real hot) but rather it is a
> sensor issue.

How did you determine that it's not a bad thermostat or clogged radiator,
but a sensor problem?

> The symptoms I see are temp gauge running at 3/4 level, and when stuck
> in traffic on hot days, or going slowly up a steep hill on hot days, the
> flashing triangle with a thermometer will come on in the dash.  I was
> wondering what sensor(s) run the dash temp gauge and set off the temp
> warning symbol?  are they the same one?  Perhaps I should replace it?

Both the coolant temp gauge and the auto-check overtemp warning sensor
are the "multi-function" thermal sensor located on the bottom of the
top radiator hose flange on your cylinder head.  However, the two functions
are (I believe) separate, and if your gauge is reading high *and* you get
the overtemp warning, then chances are it *is* running too hot.

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