timing belt observation?

WAUFX at aol.com WAUFX at aol.com
Sat Aug 17 05:18:06 EDT 2002

Hey y'all-

This is sort of a weird request. But. I have two cars near and dear to me
that are in need of timing belt replacements, one is an 89 80q and the other
is my 90q20v. I've observed and participated in the procedure on a 4kq up to
the removal of the TB cover (we got tired and quit. and never finished.
haha.). I'd really like to do this myself, but I'm worried about screwing it
up (a valid concern). I'm REALLY worried about screwing up the 20v because
you know...I like that engine. A lot. And I know that if I screwed up the
belt on this one it would be bent valves and me crying. At least with the 80q
I wouldn't bust any valves if I mess up the timing.

Anyways, my request is that if anyone within a reasonable distance of
Manchester NH is going to be doing this procedure soon on any of their
earlier Audis, could I observe the process and hand you tools? I'd love to
learn how to do this and will even bring some beer. Just though I'd see if
anyone is willing....thanks.


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