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Robert Myers robert at
Sat Aug 17 10:53:46 EDT 2002

Hi Y'all,

I can see the need for a pressure washer purchase.  Due to the amount of
work I have for it, rental doesn't quite hack it for me.  Is there anyone
out there who has experience and recommendations for a unit which might
provide both excellent washing performance and reasonable price.  Or are
these two goals mutually incompatible?

I suppose I could justify posting this question here because I _might_ use
the washer to clean the exterior walls of the church.  Then again...  That
might also be, ahem, a prevarication.  [After all, I don't want to use the
L-word.  :-) ]  Naw, no justification at all except I have some rather
large amount of deck and other cleaning to do and could use some expert
advice if it's available.  With the amount of work I have for the machine
it would likely pay for itself with two or perhaps three rentals of some
commercial concern's machine.


   Robert Myers
   Rt. 4, Box 57
   Fayetteville, WV 25840
   Pleasant View Congregation - Virlina District

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