Pressure washers, NAC (well, VLAC)

David Head v8q at
Sat Aug 17 11:19:35 EDT 2002

I went to Sears and bought a 'returned' one. 2500psi is the minumum, get the
highest flow rate and horsepower in the 2500-2700 psi range. There are tons of
options in that range. Home Depot, Lowe's and Sears are your best places to
Never pressure wash an Audi engine compartment - you will rue the day...
(mandatory Audi content).
They are mandatory here in FL with the mildew problem...

Robert Myers wrote:

> Hi Y'all,
> I can see the need for a pressure washer purchase.  Rental doesn't quite
> hack it for me. Is there anyone out there who has experience and
> recommendations for a unit which might provide both excellent washing
> performance and reasonable price.  Or are these two goals mutually
> incompatible?
> MAC (Mandatory Audi Content): I will likely use the machine for removing
> brake dust from the back side of my S6'S wheels at changeover time and for
> cleaning the floor of my garage in which the S6 is parked.  See?  I was
> sure I could find some sort of AC. :-)
> Bob
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