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Patrick Martin mardkins at
Sat Aug 17 09:03:25 EDT 2002

I own a a Northern North Star pressure washer and like it alot.  Very good
bang for the buck and very high quality.  Not Harbor freight quality,
thankfully.  I have the 15785 but the others look like similer quality.   .  No affiliation just a happy customer.

> Hi Y'all,
> I can see the need for a pressure washer purchase.  Due to the amount of
> work I have for it, rental doesn't quite hack it for me.  Is there anyone
> out there who has experience and recommendations for a unit which might
> provide both excellent washing performance and reasonable price.  Or are
> these two goals mutually incompatible?
> I suppose I could justify posting this question here because I _might_ use
> the washer to clean the exterior walls of the church.  Then again...  That
> might also be, ahem, a prevarication.  [After all, I don't want to use the
> L-word.  :-) ]  Naw, no justification at all except I have some rather
> large amount of deck and other cleaning to do and could use some expert
> advice if it's available.  With the amount of work I have for the machine
> it would likely pay for itself with two or perhaps three rentals of some
> commercial concern's machine.
> Bob
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>    Robert Myers
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>    Fayetteville, WV 25840
>    Pleasant View Congregation - Virlina District
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