Pressure washers, NAC (well, VLAC)

cobram at cobram at
Sat Aug 17 12:52:07 EDT 2002

I would recommend forgetting about a self contained pressure washer and
opt for a good portable compressor and a washing wand.  Compressed air,
washer attachment and a garden hose works better than most "home"
pressure washer units, and you won't be repairing the thing all the time.
 Pressure washers are prone to problems, compressors go for decades
without problems.  Added bonus is that you'll find many, many other uses
for a compressor.
I put a compressor in the basement and plumbed it to the outside (1/2
inch copper pipe), can't hear a thing from the outside but great for
washing driveways, filling tires, air tools, kiddie pools, cleaning
carpets etc. etc.  Some of the new "dry" compressors are a bit noisy, but
a couple of sheets of particle board with R19 insulation stapled to it
can make a very cheap sound enclosure.


Robert Myers <robert at> writes:

> I can see the need for a pressure washer purchase.  Rental doesn't
> quite hack it for me. Is there anyone out there who has experience and
> recommendations for a unit which might provide both excellent
> washing performance and reasonable price.  Or are these two goals
> incompatible?
> MAC (Mandatory Audi Content): I will likely use the machine for
> removing brake dust from the back side of my S6'S wheels at changeover
> and for cleaning the floor of my garage in which the S6 is parked.
See?  I
> was sure I could find some sort of AC. :-)

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