Pressure washers

R. Mair waves at
Sat Aug 17 14:21:48 EDT 2002

One very important thing to remember is tobe careful that you don't buy a
washer with too much power. The reason being that it uses allot more water
than your well pump can deliver. I have a 2700psi gas powered Generac (from
lowes) that works very well (for the price). If i'm really going at
something dirty, on occasion I may cavitate the washer pump because it can't
keep up. This is especially true if someone inside the house turns on a
faucet, or god forbid, flushes the can. a 2500-2700psi unit is plenty for
most projects. After that, unless you are on a 90psi city/community water
system, you'll find a more powerful unit to be worse overall than something


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