97 A6Q rear brakes

walian at att.net walian at att.net
Sat Aug 17 19:51:15 EDT 2002

Hello all,

 I am attempting to replace the brakes on my A6 and
can't seem to get the piston in the rear calipers to
push back so I can insert the new pads. I noticed the
the bently mentions to use a special tool which
requires turning 2parts. Is this required? Should it be
like older brakes just open the bleeder screw in the
back and force the piston back using a tool. ( I have
drilled and tapped an M10 through one of the old pads
and then placed the other pad in the to push against
the piston when I turn the the screw.) This doesn't
seem to be doing to much, am I just not applying enough



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